sometimes i draw things

027: not a bad deal


this is something i drew in my sketchbook that i really like. i feel like i'm getting closer and closer to being able to make something like a "real" comic, though i'm not exactly sure what that means.

i drew all the lines here thinking i was going to redo them on the computer when i digitized it, but then i decided to leave them. i think their un-straightness is somehow kind of charming. ditto the sketchbook texture. i don't know, i really like the way this one looks on paper, and i wanted to keep that feeling as much as possible.

in other news, my new commute is pretty great. it involves walking over a bridge and alongside a river, and it's super pretty, even in the freezing cold. there's a camp of ducks and, a little farther down, a camp of geese, and they have their own peculiar politics and interactions. (what are birds? we just don't know.) between that and the ever-changing river, i think i could sit there for hours.

anyhow, so much for February. you gotta carve out your little corner of peace, somewhere, in a moment where the weather happens to be sort of okay and you're on top of things, just for a second, just breathing, not wanting anything. i try to notice when it happens; i'm not always good at remembering to stop chasing the future and just be where i am.